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New article by Dr Alberto Amore and colleagues published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Dr Alberto Amore at Solent University, UK, co-authored an article on the Journal of Sustainable Tourism with Dr Bailey Ashton Adie (Solent University, UK) and Prof. C. Michael Hall (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). The article is part of a Special Issue on Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) curated by Prof. Regina Scheyvens (Massey University, New Zealand) and Prof. Joseph Cheer (Wakayama University, Japan).

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 highlights the importance that the partnership narrative plays in the implementation of SDGs. However, given the brevity of many development projects, these partnerships are often developed and concluded rapidly, with little attention given to longer-term implications or success.

The authors argue that in order to create and develop partnerships that properly address the SDGs, it is imperative that a process perspective is developed that takes into account the range of stakeholders and interests, values, and the power relations between actors prior to and during the project together with a comprehensive understanding of what is success.

Using a community-based development project in New Delhi, India, as case study, the authors highlight the importance of context-specificity, implementation processes and policy-awareness as key drivers in long-term planning and partnership.

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