RGS-IBG Annual Conference

The 2022 RGS-IBG Conference will take place at Newcastle University from Tuesday 30th August to Friday 2nd September 2022. The conference will be chaired by Professor Rachel Pain (Newcastle University), with the theme ‘Geographies Beyond Recovery’.

The conference theme asks conveners and presenters to critically interrogate the idea and practice of recovery, across scales of life and global contexts, and to explore the geographies that might lie beyond. See https://www.rgs.org/research/annual-international-conference/chair-s-theme/ for further details.

The Conference is scheduled to run in-person only or hybrid. Session conveners, presenters and delegates can chooce between the preffered option upon registration. Further updates will be provided via the RGS-IBG in due notice.

The GLTRG are able to sponsor 12 sessions and also welcome co-sponsored sessions with other RGS research groups. Each session is limited to 2 timeslots in the programme. Each timeslot is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Further guidelines for session organizers are available on the dedicated Annual Conference section of the RGS website

Please refer to the Call for Session for details. The deadline for Session prposal is Monday 24th January 2022. Proposal (max 300 words) should be sent to the GLTRG Event Co-ordinator (Dr Alberto Amore, a.amore@campus.unimib.it) for details.